The Story is True

There has been an issue of poor waste management in developing countries such as Nigeria and this has continually led to water, land and air polution and other environmental hazards in many communities.

The Struggle is Real

Although several organizations and businesses have ventured into waste collection and management, there is a constant struggle to keep up with the wastes generated by the ever growing population.

The Solution is Here

We have devised a solution which requires some level or involvement of all the stakeholders as regards waste generation, community growth and poverty alleviation in developing communities and suburban slums. .

A Holistic Multiphasic Approach

The Communicatory is a holistic process engaging a community through the following:

Publicity and Campaigns

Engaging the members of the chosen community in street rallies, mass publicity and social media campaigns to raise awareness on waste management using strategic methods.

Provision of Facilities

Stationing, distributing and installation of waste management facilities such as waste bins, durable mobile toilets setups and colour-coded garbage bags.

Waste Collection and Channelling

Retrieving wastes from our collection units and channelling them to appropriate bodies such as companies involved in waste recycling or processing.

Courses and Workshops

Organizing: educational programs on environmental sanitation and hygiene, and skill acquisition workshops based on creative utilization of used materials.

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